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“I am truly a more efficient leader because of the support, guidance and coaching that I received from the Student Support Center staff.

The Organization

Student Support Center Since its founding in 1999, The Student Support Center has understood that the focal point for the community’s input and impact on our children lies with our schools. Within the school’s walls society can work its greatest good and address its greatest challenge – to raise each child to meet their own potential and become successful, happy members of society.  We believe that successful schools build each student's resiliency and ability to negotiate the challenges they face by combining academics with youth development concepts, carefully blending these two disciplines.  The Student Support Center works at this intersection of school reform and youth development.


To create and sustain positive and productive learning environments where students are safe, respected and nurtured intellectually, physically and emotionally.


  1. Create an educational environment where children receive every opportunity to fulfill their potential and become healthy and successful members of society.
  2. Serve as a bridge between DC’s charter schools and the agencies that provide supportive services.
  3. Collaborate with local leaders and policy makers on eliminating barriers to academic success.

Key Accomplishments:

  1. Implemented over twenty evidence-based programs and practices in the District of Columbia.
  2. Brought over $30 million dollars in federal grants to the District of Columbia for programs that promote and sustain productive educational environments.
  3. Improved safety in charter schools by leading District efforts to adopt a citywide school emergency management plan with a vision of "One City One Plan“.
  4. Provided leadership and start-up funding for DC’s school-based mental health services, an effort which has led to these services being made available to more than 70 charter and DCPS schools over the past ten years.